Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby cakes and one tight space

Baking is an adventure. If this is news to you, please, stop here and start reading earlier posts. Making cakes are especially an adventure in my spatially challenged apartment, the 15 inch wide oven being ropes course #1. A typical project requires a furniture rearrange, a trip to the mini storage for the necessary tools, and a new rule...close the laptop.

The laptop lives on the dining table/Husband's desk. The table, while not far away, is not in the kitchen. While I can understand not bringing the laptop INTO the kitchen when cooking or baking anything, I was a little confused when this rule was first mentioned by my husband.

From husband, via text message: "new rule. close the laptop when baking."

Me: "what? LOL"

Husband: "long story. i droolled on the laptop. i wiped it off and blew on it and a CLOUD of flour flew out!!

Me: "you drooled on the laptop?! were you sleeping on the laptop?"

Husband: "no. like i said, long story."

This week, laptop closed and a safe distance from the kitchen, I made a baby shower cake for a friend!

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  1. You might have just a tiny space, but your cakes are gorgeous! I want to try one of these days!