Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Marathon 2011

We had a graduation marathon this year! Marathon? Yes! Two of my siblings graduated on the same day in different cities....HOURS apart. Both of them graduating on the same day caused a little hang up on what design the cake should be. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should do each mascot, something symbolizing each area of study, or one big cake that captured something about each of them. I finally decided to go for something more generic "graduation day". We were going to be driving all over South Louisiana as it was, the last thing I needed was extra stress of super complicated cakes to tote along.

Graduations always bring back fun memories of former classes and classmates. And naturally, I pulled out college and high school yearbooks and had a few laughs. And then it hit me! All the notes in said yearbooks were the best part. "Have a great life" and the more personal full page notes in bright pink ink from the BFF were the epitome of graduation. What if you could do that same thing with a cake? YOU CAN, all thanks to food color markers. :)

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