Saturday, October 30, 2010

bye week adventures

It's bye week here in the land of the LSU Tigers....and in the Simon kitchen. No cake occasions this week means I get to play! I have a few orders next week (stay tuned!) so I spent the afternoon working on some recipes.

One of the cakes I'm gearing up for is a surprise cake, so I can't give away too many details. "Person X" who called and ordered the cake had a little difficulty deciding what flavor cake "Person Z" would like. Cookie cake is usually the cake of choice and they weren't sure what "regular cake" flavor was the favorite. That's when it hit me! We used to make chocolate chip cookies USING yellow cake mix all growing up! What if I adapted the cookie recipe back into a cake recipe?? A cake cake that tastes like a cookie cake! Genius much?

I made two batches. One, staying close to the cookie recipe with a thicker batter. And the second varying a little more with a juicy batter. (me. juicy = regular cake batter consistency.)

AND the winner is...batch number 2!!

Can't wait to make it again...for the real deal!

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  1. WOW! Others make just a large cookie and call it a cake. But you have created the real "Chocolate Chip Cookie CAKE"!! Watch out Martha, Simply Sarah Simon is up and coming!!