Saturday, October 16, 2010

easy bake to wedding cake!

Once upon a time I had an easy-bake-oven. Certainly not an unusual thing for a little girl to have, but I LOVED mine. The tiny packs of various cake, cookie, and brownie mixes were always on hand. Then one day it hit me...this was ridiculous! Who would want to eat such a small cake? Why am I mixing this in the same shallow dish it cooks in?  I know you can't expect a whole lot from food cooked by the heat of a light bulb, but I was no longer impressed. I wanted more out of baking.

And that's how it started. Since that easy-bake-oven there have been Christmas Eve baking extravaganzas, front yard bake sales, "the best chocolate chip cookie" vote in high school, and then...a TV show? YES! But not my TV show. Ace of Cakes started playing on the Food Network and I was blown away! They did things with cake I'd never seen before! I learned about fondant and gumpaste and that you can put FIREWORKS into a CAKE! I was sold. I went to LSU to get a business degree so I'd know how to open a bakery. Done deal.

Well, I've since graduated with that business degree...and there's no bakery. I did a few cakes and blew people away with cookies and brownies throughout my college career, but nothing serious. I've made some really fun cakes for friends and family, but it was always just for fun. UNTIL, My sister got engaged, decided to have a DIY wedding, and asked that I man the cake. It was on! I had a plan. The week was mapped out. The fridge needed to be cleared to make room for 5 dozen eggs and two gallons of buttercream icing. I worked by day and baked by night. I made my first "this has to count" cake...and it was a wedding cake!

I am newly inspired {hence the blog} to do this. For real this time. Bring on the classes and a fridge full of eggs and icing. I want to bake. simplysarahsimon is "open for business".


  1. Hey Sarah,
    Well here you go!!! This is your dream. The thing that you have always loved and wanted to do for the rest of your life - BAKE!!!!
    It is such a blessing to see someone doing the thing that they love and watch them love doing it. I'll be right here, from the very beginning, watching and praying every step of the way.
    Ready???? Let's Bake!!!!!!

  2. BRAVO SARAH!!! You can have what you BELIEVE and what you SAY!!! God-dreams do come true. Dream your life like an adventure...and it will be!
    Be bold. Be strong. The LORD your GOD is with you. Walk in faith and victory. And DREAM BIG!!
    Love you.
    Pastors Jules and Deborah Boquet

  3. Jules Boquet Jr:
    Is this little sarah borne? If so send this to her on her page (don't have any of those accounts her page accepts)...
    Awesome to hear your in buisness.. I might have to send hannah to intern with you... She loves to bake! One christmas I got her a cake decorating set.. She enters any bake competition she can find.... And of course when birthdays come around we will send you our order

  4. This makes me so happy! I can't wait to see where this new endeavor takes you. That Borne girl creativity is endless. :) so I guess I'll be traveling to BR to pick up cakes now!

  5. Congrats on your decision! The wedding cake was beautiful! Great to have someone to 'talk shop' with too. I usually don't have time to make cakes for my kids birthdays so I'll be calling you! Have fun!!!!!

  6. Thanks guys! :) and Jules, Hannah can intern whenever she wants!