Tuesday, November 23, 2010

celebrate the hunt

We are on the heals of what is known as America's biggest "Feast Day", but more importantly, in South Louisiana, "Kill Week". Men of all ages look forward to this last week in November, not for the all you can eat buffet right in your very own home...but for the hunt. The weather is cooling, school is out, the office is closed, and some "man instinct" tells them it's time to disappear into the deepest parts of the woods. Whether it's the whole week, part of the week, or just the weekend while wives and moms are shopping, our men are decked out in camo, covered in "deer pee", and holed up in a tree at godless hours of the morning waiting for the perfect shot. As an homage to all the men in my life...and a thank you for the deer parts and products that will soon fill the deep freeze...this week we celebrate the hunt.

Browning Logo cake for my brother. Good luck this week JB!

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