Sunday, November 14, 2010

junk...i mean the trunk

It was bound to happen at some point, and I've been keeping my fingers crossed that it would go well. This weekend I made a cake delivery...and not the kind where you drive across town. The kind where you put your fragile "cake baby" in a car and drive two hours trough traffic and interstate construction to deliver a cake to another city! So I cleaned out the trunk of my car, laid out a rug with the no-slip rubber side facing up, set my "cake baby" in the middle, said a few prayers, and shut it closed. Cake in the trunk? Yes. Cake travel is best done on a FLAT surface, no seats...ever! Leaving the floor boards and the trunk as my only option, I went for trunk. The only problem, I couldn't SEE the cake the entire trip. Oh, and did I mention that I let my husband drive? This is how our adventure went...

Him: [after hearing news of interstate construction on the radio] "We'll be sitting on I-12 for hours. Let's see how far we can get going the back way."

Me: "Just don't forget there's a cake in the trunk!"

Pothole #1.


Crazy driver who cut us off.


On ramp (the crazy loop kind) acceleration.

Me: "For the love of god, there is a CAKE IN OUR TRUNK!!"

I was a nervous wreck when we finally arrived at the reception site. (I'll skip the part where their parking lot was riddled with speed bumps.) My husband and I get out of the car, look at the trunk, say another prayer, and timidly lift the door open afraid of what we might find.

THE LORD IS GOOD! The cake didn't budge at all! Completely in tact and looking fabulous we delivered the CROWN ROYAL XR safely to the reception!

This Crown Royal XR was the groom's cake at a family wedding. Congratulations Laura and Josh!! 

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  1. Pahahaha! I know this feeling all too well. I have been known to put "Cake Transport" signs on my car so no one thinks I'm an old lady. Annnnnd so maybe they don't hate me so much when I brake on every bump.

    Great looking cake!